The Electric Mountain Bike

History of Electric Mountain Bikes

I bought my first electric mountain bike in 1999.  How else could I keep up with my athletic ten-year-old son?

At the time a silly debate was raging between pedestrians and bicyclists over who should be allowed on the Boulder, Colorado, multi-use paths.  Astonished by the ignorance and rhetoric of the anti-bicycle crowd I wrote an editorial for the local newspaper, the Boulder Daily Camera:  “Give ‘electric-assist’ bicycles a chance”, published December 8, 2001, Daily Camera (Boulder, CO)

Eventually I bought a second USProDrive bike so I would have spare parts.  But, eventually both those tanks were retired.  Weighing in at around seventy pounds with a range of a twelve miles (on a good day) they were handy for trips to the bank or grocery store.  Both were donated to Boulder’s Community Cycles.

Thanks to Graham Hill for selling me my first e-bike:

Thanks to Dooby’s for set-up and maintenance: (alas, this fine bike shop is no longer in business)

Thanks to University Bikes for the second (gray) bike and periodic maintenance:

Thanks to Freedom Cycles for great bicycle wisdom:

Focus Thron: The Bike for the Colorado Trail Adventure

Here is a review of the bike I purchased:






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